Tomlinson Aviation, Inc
Tomlinson Aviation, Inc

Helicopter Services

Helicopter Flight Training


We are a 14 CFR part 61 and 141 school and can train you for private, commercial, CFI, CFII, ATP, and add-on's. We primarily train in the Schweizer 300 series helicopter. 

The 300 series has the finest safety record of any FAA certified, piston-powered helicopter which is substantiated by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) accident statistics.  Our equipment is meticulously maintained to factory standards by our highly trained personnel.  Tomlinson Aviation is committed to providing you with the safest, most thorough training available.  We are a Part 135 operator, so we understand how commercial operators work and can transfer this knowledge to our students.  At Tomlinson, you will receive practical and in-depth training. with options to get Robinson R44 training and Bell 206 turbine transitioning.

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Photo Flights


 At Tomlinson Aviation, we provide stable platforms for all your aviation photography needs, both still and motion pictures. We utilize the Schweizer 300 Bell 206 Jetranger  and Robinson R44 as photography platforms, and can put you in contact with a professional aerial photographer at your request. For more information, please contact us.

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Helicopter tours


 Enjoy Daytona Beach or any of the surrounding area from the sky!  Whether it is a romantic sunset tour of Daytona's shoreline, or a scenic flight up the beach to nearby St. Augustine, we are equipped to meet your needs. The Schweizer 300, Bell 206, and Robinson R44 are utilized for tour flights.  

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Power line Patrol



Power line patrol is becoming increasingly dependent on helicopters. Their excellent visibility and the ability to fly low and slow, or hover and land makes the helicopter the most effective aerial patrol aircraft. The helicopter provides the most proven cost-effective and efficient service available.

At Tomlinson we currently offer Power line Patrol, LIDAR and Inspection. We routinely work with several large companies, such as FPL, OUC, and soon to be others. If you require power line patrol service, please contact us.

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Longline Service



Tomlinson Aviation is equipped to provide longline services such as: 

  • Fire suppression 
  • Light construction lifting
  • Remote cargo drop-off
  • Long-Line training

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Areal Application


Here at Tomlinson Aviation we are a certified part 137 areal applicator. We can provide pesticide or herbicide treatments we are also equipped to provide control burning with our helicopter mounted system.

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We are an FAA 145 repair station capable of maintaining Bell 206B Series, Robinson R-22, R-44 and R-66 Lines, Schweizer 300 and 333 lines. 

We are truly proud of all work we perform and provide our best at everything we do, from transport and recovery to routine maintenance. We are committed above all else to the safety of ours and our customer's aircraft. We bring this commitment to every project we work on. We invite you to come in and enjoy the Tomlinson Experience.

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   Here at Tomlinson Aviation we are multi faceted and offer our facility to have the most amazing aviation themed venue in the area, we call it Venue-92. We can host weddings, graduations, business meetings or any other gathering. Don't forget to use our helicopter service to complete your package! 

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Heli Maintenance Course

Helicopter Maintenance Course

Are you a recent graduate of a 147 A&P school? Did you just get your mechanic license and want experience to get a job working on helicopters? This is the place to start! Gain valuable knowledge to land that career working on helicopters that you dreamed of. 

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