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Nothing comes close to the exhilaration of flying and our Pilot Courses have helped countless of people just like you achieve their personal and career goals.

At Tomlinson Aviation, building safe and proficient helicopter pilot is the focus of everything we do, and our courses are tailored to meet the demand of this industry.

What we offer


We are a 14 CFR part 61 and 141 school and can train you for private, commercial, instrument CFI, CFII, and ATP. We primarily train in the Schweizer 300 series helicopter. 

The 300 series has the finest safety record of any FAA certified, piston-powered helicopter which is substantiated by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) accident statistics.  Our equipment is meticulously maintained to factory standards by our highly trained personnel.  Tomlinson Aviation is committed to providing you with the safest, most thorough training available.  We are a Part 135 operator, so we understand how commercial operators work and can transfer this knowledge to our students.  At Tomlinson, you will receive practical and in-depth training. with options to get Robinson R44 training and Bell 206 turbine transitioning.


Chase your dream


Helicopter Intro Flight

The first step to your goal of flying Helicopters is an introduction flight. Call us to schedule it today!


Helicopter Ground School

When you are ready lets talk in depth about helicopters and build a foundation that will last.


Helicopter Flight Training

Along with our ground school, we combine our flight sim with real flying so you can perfect your new skill.

Course and pricing


Introduction Flight

If you want to experience the thrill of flying a helicopter schedule your intro flight. You will have the controls and see exactly what it is like.  - $150.00



Tomlinson Aviation is committed to providing you with the safest, most cost-effective training available. We believe in simple, straight-forward flight training pricing. 

Our price per flight hour of $310.00 in the Schweizer 300CB for the private (PPL) and commercial (CPL) rating courses. Instrument, ATP and Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFII) training per flight hour is $320.00. Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) price per flight hour is $340.00 for students who have completed Private, Commercial & Instrument courses with us. All Add-On students will be charged at $370.00 per hour. All others coming from other flight schools will be charged at $400.00 per hour.

Our price per flight hour includes: insurance, fuel and your instructor. 

While at our airport fuel is included, however if it is necessary to purchase fuel from other airports, students will be charged the difference in fuel charges, compared to the posted price at KOMN, if any. 

Students should utilize to compare local fuel prices while planning cross country flights. 

We do charge $10.00 for pre-post flight briefings for all flights.

Headsets and IFR training “view limiting device” (such as Foggles) are to be purchased and maintained by student prior to commencement of training.

**If you do not own a headset when you start training, you will be given a couple of weeks to obtain one, after 14-21 days, you will be charged $5.00 per flight for using our headset.

The FAA requires a minimum number of flight hours to be eligible for a certificate under FAR Part 61 and 141. However, individual requirements may vary depending upon each person’s abilities; a motivated, conscientious student can reduce his/her total time of ground instruction. All ground instruction is charged at $55 per hour, books and materials cost an average of $250; but, again, this amount may vary depending upon an individual’s motivations and requirements. 

We do not require courses be paid full in advance, however, we do require $1,000.00 retainer on account. All unused time and retainer are totally (100%) refundable. 

Standard Ground Instruction is billed at $55.00 per hour. Certified Flight Instructor Ground is billed at $60.00 per hour. The amount of instruction will be based on which course you are completing.

FAA and / or Aviation Medical Examiner fees are not included in our price schedule.

Tomlinson Aviation reserves the right to adjust rates at any time during this year’s pricing schedule.

Private Pilot

 Initial Helicopter Rating Requirements

FAA flight minimums for:

Private Pilot Course (Schweizer 300CB):

Flight time: 40hrs @ $310 $ 12,400.00

Ground Instruction: 25hrs @ $55 (average)  1,375.00   $ 13,775.00

Average completion time 16 weeks

*Reference FAR 61.105 and 61.109 for requirements

*For Add–On Reference 61.109C and 61.63 Flight Time: min 30hrs 

Commercial Pilot

 Commercial Pilot Course (Schweizer 300CB):

Flight time: 110hrs @ $310  $ 34,000.00

Ground Instruction: 35hrs @ $55 (average)  1,925.00

$ 35,925.00

Average completion time 36 weeks

*Reference FAR part 61.125 and 61.129 for requirements

*For Add-On Reference 61.129C and 61.63 Flight Time: min 50hrs 

Instrument Rating

 Instrument Rating Course (Schweizer 300CB): 

Flight time: 40hrs @ $320 (actual) $ 12,800.00

Ground Instruction: 35hrs @ $55 (average)  1,925.00

$ 14,725.00

*For Additional Rating to Helicopter Reference 61.65 

Flight Time: min 15 hrs 

Prior experience required: Must hold a valid private pilot helicopter certificate. 

Note: The Instrument Rating Course may be combined with the Commercial Course to make it more cost effective. (Reference FAR 61.65)

CFI, CFII, ATP Ratings

 Airline Transport Pilot Prep Course:

Flight time: 10hrs @ $320 $ 3,200.00

Ground Instruction: 15hrs @ $55 (average)  825.00

$ 4,025.00

Prior experience required: Applicant must meet the requirements under FAR 61.153, 61.155, 61.161.


Certified Flight Instructor Course (Schweizer 300CB):

Flight time: 15hrs @ $340 $ 5,100.00

Ground Instruction: 20hrs @ $60 (average)  1,200.00

 $ 6,300.00


If you have completed your Commercial and Instrument additional ratings with  us, the rat will be $370.00 per hour.

If you have no prior flight training experience with Tomlinson Aviation, 

we require 15 hours of flight training @ $400.00 per hour for  the Certified  Instructor Course.

Certified Flight Instrument Instructor Course (Schweizer 300CB): 

Flight time: 15hrs @ $320 (average) $ 4,800.00

Ground Instruction: 20hrs @ $60 (average)  1,200.00 

$ 6,000.00

Prior experience required: Must hold a valid Certified Flight Instructor

certificate, and a valid Instrument certificate.

Turbine Transition Helicopter

(Applicant must hold a valid private helicopter certificate)

Flight time: 10hrs @ $1250 $ 12,500.00

Ground Instruction: 20hrs @ $55  1,100.00

$ 13,600.00 

All ADD-ON RATINGS are tailored to fit each individual in the most cost-effective manner possible. Please call us for further information 

Initial Helicopter Rating Requirements Part 141 (Schweizer 300CB)

Private Pilot Course (Schweizer 300CB):

Flight Time: 35hrs @ $310  $ 10,850.00

Ground Instruction: 35hrs @ $55     1,925.00

 $   12,775.00

Commercial Pilot Course (Schweizer 300CB):

Flight Time: 115hrs @ $310 $  35,650.00 

Ground Instruction: 30hrs @ $55   1,650.00

 $    37,300.00

We work with the VA for your benefits, give us a call to see what they will cover for you.